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81. The Meldons

start: Lyne Station, nr Peebles
distance: 22 miles
OS map: 72, 73

The Meldons route mapThe Meldon Hills sit just to the west of Peebles and this route starts on the A72 and takes the minor road heading north up the valley between Black Meldon and - wait for it - White Meldon. You could leave a car at (208 403)

The open road heads gently uphill and eventually forestry takes over to the left. If you've a notion for exploration, you might want to follow an old rail track. If so then go past the road up to Harehope farm and take the next track on the left. Just a few yards along here you'll find the route on the right heading north through the trees.

The track is quite reasonable but peters out once you're past Stewarton so you'll need to head down to the road again. Alternatively - and much easier - stay with the road.

There's a pleasant roll down to Eddleston where you need to join the main A703 Edinburgh road for a mile or so. Look out for a minor road aiming uphill towards Shiplaw. Reaching a junction by some trees, the road turns to the right but we go straight on, taking a surfaced road towards some forestry.

Ignore the track to Cloich on the left and follow the track through the trees. When you come to a fork, take the one to the right. Pass a ruined cottage at Grassfield. There are open views to the north before dropping downhill to Noblehouse farm on the A701.

There's no real alternative but to use the main road now for the two miles or so to Romano Bridge. From here, the quieter B7059 ambles along beside Lyne Water and back towards Peebles via the A72.

jb, galashiels

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