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91. Peat Law

start: Selkirk
distance: 8 km

Peat Law route mapQuite a short run but one that gets you up into the hills with some great views.

There's a small car park at the start of the Corbylinn Road near Selkirk. From here a good track heads up the valley alomgside the Philip Burn. Pause for a breather when you reach a small reservoir.

Up on the hillside to your left is Tibbie Tamson's grave at the edge of the trees. It's not on this route but it is perhaps worthy of another trip. Tibbie was a local woman and there are a number of theories as to how she met her death and why she was buried in this lonely spot.

In any event, you now have a choice. If you prefer a longer, but less steep uphill section, followed by a steep downhill back to here then carry straight on up the track towards the Three Brethren. On the other hand, if you prefer a steep uphill push and a longer downhill then look for a steep grassy trail at the far end of the reservoir that heads up to the right.

Our route carries on up to the coll between the Three Brethren and Peat Law. The continuation over the coll follows the Southern Upland Way down to Yair Bridge but you need to take the good track to the right leading gently up the slopes of Peat Law. In fact, the track passes a few hundred metres to the north of the actual summit but it's an easy matter just to plod over the heather and take in the views.

The Eildons, of course, are always a prominent landmark. Increasingly, the area is becoming one in which developers want to build wind farms and it's a difficult issue to resolve. An application to build one on the nearby Minch Moor attracted considerable opposition and was eventually turned down. There's no doubt, however, that other applications are in the pipeline and the pressure is on...

Heading downhill now you can see Linglie Hill ahead and twards Selkirk. As the terrain flattens out, though, you need to look for a grassy track heading sharply to the right. It's fairly gentle at first but the last section is pretty steep and can be tricky if the grass is wet.

Once back at the reservoir it's an easy trail back down to the car park.

john b, galashiels

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Peat Law on the right

Peat Law on the right

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