Tudor Grange Grammar School - April 1967

This photo and the accompanying image map showing the names of those in it - hold your mouse over each nose...;-) - was originally hosted elsewhere, though I've long since lost the URL. So no credits to me for creating it, and my thanks to whoever did. I still have my printed copy of the photo ... somewhere.

I'm sure there also used to be a site called 'Solihull Online' - or something similar - which contained contributions from a good many old TGGS lags through the years. I can't find it any more either...

So, in a bid to keep the memories alive - both good and bad - I've uploaded a copy of the photo here. For posterity, as it were. Any updates can be emailed to me and I'll attempt to keep it up and running.

There appears to be a Facebook page at TGGS - Facebook. I don't have a FB account, but I'll ask someone who does to post a note on it which can hopefully link to this page.

UPDATE 1: since posting this I've been told that the original was uploaded and annotated by Dave Mellor. I recall that I did email him some years ago but unfortunately didn't get a reply. Credit to Dave, then, for the work involved. I've also received a copy of the 1960 school photo, courtesy of Mike Beattie. There are some gaps in the annotation, but if anyone is up for the challenge then I'll be happy to add names - hover your mouse over the nose to get a reference number and email any details to me and I'll add them.

UPDATE 2: Nov 2017: I have recently been contacted by Dave Mellor. He tells me that his original websites are still up and running and can be found at:


Dave's pages have more information and photos and I hope that we will both try to update the sites and keep the memories alive. If you have any information that could help, then we'd be delighted to hear from you.

UPDATE 3: Jan 2020: Norman Hockley was in touch to offer a correction - many thanks!

UPDATE 4: Jul 2020: Chris Barber contacted me with additional names which I've now added.

UPDATE 5: Mar 2023: Miranda Hopkins has been in contact and is keen to find out more about her late father John Hopkins who was at TGGS between 1959 and 1966, though these dates may not be exact. He may have been known as John 'Hoppo' Hopkins and if anyone knew him then Miranda would be delighted to hear from you. She can be contacted at this email address

John Brewer - Galashiels - March 2023

Tudor Grange Grammar School 1967


Tudor Grange Grammar School Photo 1960

This photo was sent courtesy of Mike Beattie. If anyone can supply names for those which are missing, and/or any corrections, then I'll be happy to add them - hover your mouse over the nose to get a reference for each person.

The unnamed folk are located at: I075, J007, J021, J061, K060, L011, L014, L022, L027, L028, L029, L030, L033, L044, L052, L063, L066, L069, M009, P072, P094, P104, Q002 and Q043

Thanks to Graham Hill for sending a correction.

Tudor Grange Grammar School Photo 1960

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