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Morocco : trip report
Morocco : detailed trip report with maps and photos (in French)
Namibia : 1996 tour description, photos
Tunisia : touring Tunisia, narrative and photos
South Africa : South African Cycling - MTB, touring, clubs


Bali : Bali By Bicycle, map, 1280 km trip report
Bali : trip report, photos
Bali : detailed trip report with maps and photos (in French)
Burma : trip report, photos
Cambodia : trip report, photos
China : South China, tour description, photos
China : North China, tour description, photos
China/Tibet/Nepal : a trip by tandem from China through Tibet to Nepal, report and pictures
Hong Kong : local info, races, meets
India : details of trip in north of country, pictures, map
India : five-month tour, report and pictures (in German)
Indonesia : cycle tour through Indonesia, description, map, photos
Indonesia : four and a half month Indonesian tour, report and photos (in German)
Iran : trip through Iran from a book by Mikael Strandberg cycling from New Zealand to Cairo (in Swedish)
Japan : Western Japan trip report
Japan : trip report, map and photos
Japan : area guides and tour descriptions, a reasonable starting point for information on Japan
Karakoram : Karakoram Highway, two-month trip Pakistan to China, map, report, pictures
Kirgistan : Kirgistan and Uzbekistan, 450 km ride through two former republics of the USSR, crossing the Tien-Shan mountains
Laos : cycle tour through Laos, description, map, photos
Laos : trip report, photos
Malaysia : cycle tour through Malaysia and Singapore, description, map, photos
Malaysia : trip report, photos
Misc 1 : Turkey to Mongolia, trip report, 7000 miles through a dozen or so countries, map, photos
Misc 2 : Chris Sauser spent over two years and cycled more than 40000km through Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and a host of other countries - trip report and pictures
Misc 3 : an eclectic collection of various cycle tours covering much of the continent, trip reports, superb photos and more...well worth a look
Mongolia : info, maps, contacts for anyone wanting to cycle in Mongolia
Nepal : trip report, map and photos
Phillipines : cycle tour through Phillipines, description, map, photos
Russia : Russian Mountain Biking Russian
Russia : Russian Cycle Touring Club, great site - if you think it gets chilly in the UK, then try cycling in Siberia!
Singapore : biking in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
Singapore : trip report, photos
South Korea : tour report, map, links - in Dutch and English
Southeast Asia : photos, maps and accounts of trips in Vietnam and Laos with more promised
Taiwan : cycling in Taiwan
Taiwan : David Reid's guide to cycling in Taiwan
Thailand : Thailand's Mountain Bike Homepage
Thailand : North Thailand - 'Bikes, Boats and Elephants' tour description
Thailand : cycle tour through northern Thailand, description, map, photos
Thailand : cycle tour through Thailand, description, map, photos
Thailand : trip report, photos
Thailand : three-week tour report and photos
Tibet : trip through parts of China to the Tibetan Borderlands, map, photos, detailed description
Tibet : trip along the so-called Friendship Highway from Lhasa to Kathmandu, an all-too-brief account of the 1000km journey in English and Finnish
Tibet : cycle tour details and general info about the country
Tibet : four-month, 2000 mile trip from Pakistan to Tibet and south to Nepal, travelogue, map and photos
Tibet : three-month trip to Tibet, report and pictures (in German)
Uzbekistan : trip report, contacts, photos
Vietnam : trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, 1200 miles, map, photos
Vietnam : cycling the Ho Chi Minh Trail



Adelaide : Mountain Bike Club, mainly racing and details of race trails
Adelaide : Bicycle Fish, essential guide to cycling in South Australia, even tells you how to cook damper...
Bicentenial National Trail : 5300km trail through Oz, general info and further references
Brisbane to Sydney : Touring Oz trip report
Cairns : Cairns Bicycle User Group - local news and descriptions of some routes in N Queensland
Darwin to Melbourne : trip report (in English and Dutch)
Canberra : comprehensive info coverage, maps of rides through Canberra Nature Park Reserves
Canberra : Pedal Power Ride Reports - local and national - extensive resource
South Australian Trails : just what it says on the tin...;-)
Melbourne : Whitehorse Cyclists - rides, club nights, events, links
Misc 1 : Traxion Mountain Biking Interzine - features, links, photos
Misc 2 : trip report, pictures (in Dutch)
Misc 3 : cycle tour through Australia, description, map, photos
Misc 4 : 6 month, 10000km tour and travelogue, mainland and Tasmania, photos
Misc 5 : five-month tour, report and pictures (in German)
New South Wales : an eclectic mix of topics on this personal site, but the cycling section has some good tour descriptions and photos
Queensland and NSW : no-frills bicycle touring site, maps available as pdf files
Railtrails : information about, and some descriptions of, railtrails in all Australian states
South Australia : Bicycle South Australia recreation group
Tasmania : 1000km 3-week tour of Tasmania, map, photos and description
Tasmania : Tasmanian Trail; a continuation of the Australian National Trail
Victoria : campaigns and events

New Zealand

Misc 1 : Mountain Bike Web - links, rides, clubs, events
Misc 2 : report of a month-long south to north New Zealand trip, maps
Misc 3 : map, pictures and details of 3300km tour
Misc 4 : detailed trip report
Misc 5 : cycle tour through New Zealand, description, map, photos
Misc 6 : Scott Ellington, 3 month 5000km trip, North and South Island
South Island : tour of the island, detailed diary, photos


Costa Rica : account of a 16 day tour
Costa Rica : cycle tour, description and photos
Cuba : short account, no photos, of a three-week tour
El Salvador : commercial site but some tour info and race results (in Spanish)
Guatamala : trip report, illustrated map and pictures
Guatamala : trip report with touring information and pictures



C2C : Martin Newstead, Workington to Tynemouth C2C route
C2C : Dik Stoddart's C2C resource site with info about the C2C route
C2C : Dean Grindle's C2C Reivers Route site with info about the route, where to stay and more...
C2C : another C2C route from Walney to Wear, route info, maps, pictures
Carluke : Law Wheelers Cycling Club based in Carluke and Wishaw
CTC : Cyclists Touring Club - UK touring info, contacts
Cycle Northumbria : cycling in NE England - lots of local info, links
Edinburgh : Edinburgh Bicycles Cooperative - good source of local info
Edinburgh : Chris Hill's informative website - does what it says on the tin...;-)
Galloway : Galloway Cycling Group - local off-road info, links
Glasgow : Ivy Cycling Club, Glasgow
Isle of Man : cycle routes, maps and photos of routes on the island
Lochaber : local info - cycle hire, accommodation etc
Midlands and North : off-road route descriptions, maps and photos
Misc 1 : Mudfest - MTB trail descriptions for various areas of UK and abroad
Misc 2 : 'We repair, convert and distribute unwanted second-hand bikes and parts to people in less-developed countries...'
Misc 3 : UK-based mountain biking routes
Misc 4 : the quirky tale of one man's experiences when he came across the Rough Stuff Fellowship in the UK...
Misc 5 : Bart Hallmark's site: various trip reports from UK and abroad
Misc 6 : The Tandem Club of the UK: all things tandem....
Misc 7 : Northern Routes - routes from around the UK
Misc 8 : Dik Stoddart's collection of routes from around the UK
Misc 9 : Heathrow Hikers have a number of walking and cycling routes which can be downloaded for use with your GPS system
Misc 10: Sustrans : Sustrans is the charity behind practical and innovative solutions to some of the UK's biggest transport challenges, including the award-winning National Cycle Network, Safe Routes to Schools, Bike It and TravelSmart.
Misc 11: CyclingForFun : CyclingForFun offers ideas for where to cycle in the UK as well as information about clothing, types of bikes, exercises and so on
MTB Britain : news and info, trail descriptions and photos
NE Scotland : Andrew Kesterton - cycle routes in NE Scotland
North East England : City Slickers, commercial site with some useful route info
North East England : cycle trails around Kielder Forest
North East England : Newcastle Outdoor Activities Club, includes cycling info
North East England : the offical site for the sunderland university mtb club. Information on rides, races, and events around the sunderland area
North England : commercial site - cycling, other outdoor activities
North Wales : N Wales MTB Association - clubs, rides, racing
North Yorkshire : mountain biking routes in the North York moors, the Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire Wolds with maps and photos
Peebles : Peebles Cycling Club
Scotland : Scottish Sport's cycling pages, info and routes
Scottish Borders : MTB in the Borders, local info, routes, maps and photos
Scottish Cycle Development Project : information on a range of cycle topics, links
Scottish Cycling : cycling events in Scotland
Scottish Tourism : STB -cycle activity page
Somerset : some photos and a few routes in the Quantock Hills
Spokes : Lothians cycle campaign group
Stirling : Stirling Mountain Bike Club, local information and events
Strathclyde : Go Bike! Strathclyde Cycle Campaign
SW Scotland : irritating ads but good info on local routes
Yorkshire : Jo Fox's routes and trips in the Dales and Lakes
Yorkshire : home of the Swaledale Outdoor Club...
Yorkshire : home page of the Ripon Loiterers who organise regular local rides...
Yorkshire : cycling group based in Harrogate, routes and organised rides
Wales : Cycling Sideways - cycle and tourist information for Wales and the Marches

Other European

Albania : trip from Thessalonika (Greece) to Tirana (Albania), report, photos, in Dutch with a (shortened) English version
Austria : National Tourist Office - cycling pages, trails
Austria : cycle trip in Austria and Bavaria, details and photos
Baltic : a tour around the Baltic, 4200 km through Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland (in German)
Belgium : Belgian Mountain Bike Pages - route listings, contacts, (in Dutch)
Belgium : Holland-Belgium-Normandy, trip report, map, photos
Belgium : Dan Gamber has put together an incredibly detailed guide to about 1900 km of routes along Belgium's waterways
Croatia : MTB Club Zagreb - races, results, events
Croatia : Istra Bike - routes, maps, accommodation, photos
Czech Republic : Ocelot MTB team - events, links, members
Czech Republic : Bohemia, trip report, pointers to further info (in Dutch)
Denmark : news, features from around the world (in English and Danish)
Europe Bikeguide : route guides and photos of some of Europe's cols
Europe Bikeguide : in German & English - trip reports, links
France : a coast to coast route through the Pyrenees, map, pictures
France : southern French Alps, trip report, photos (in Dutch)
France : Pyrenees, trip report, photos
France : cycling Mont Ventoux in the north of Provence
France : Savoie Alps, some route info, photos
France : FFC, Federation Francais de Cyclisme official site
France : French Alps, Alpe d'Huez, Briancon, detailed trip report, pictures (in Dutch)
France : Paris-Loire-Bretagne, tour report, map, photos
France : Planet VTT, articles, links, route descriptions for various areas in France (in French)
France : excellent site with maps and trail descriptions for the Ardennes area of Belgium and also Luxembourg (in French)
France : Holland-Belgium-Normandy, trip report, map, photos
France : account of a nine-day tour of the Loire Valley
Germany : some trip reports and photos
Germany : Berlin to Hamburg, 300km day (!!) trip, report, map, photos
Holland : Mountainbike World - pictures, links
Holland : Holland-Belgium-Normandy, trip report, map, photos
Holland : Dutch MTB routes, maps and details
Holland : more Dutch MTB routes, maps and details (in Dutch)
Iceland : Icelandic MTB Club - general touring advice
Iceland : general information and suggested tours
Ireland : Seamus Shortall's cycling in Ireland
Ireland : 1000 km trip, brief description, some photos
Ireland : David Holmes' trip report, SW Ireland, photos
Italy : Dolomites, trip report, pictures (in Dutch)
Italy : in Italian & English - photos, links
Italy : Florence Bike Pages, maps and descriptions of routes in and around the city
Italy : Mt Marmolada, Dolomites, trip report, maps, pictures
Italy : Lake Garda area, trip report, maps, photos
Italy : Venice to Naples, 1300km trip report, map, photos
Italy : Mountain Bike in Sienna, info on local trails
Luxembourg : excellent site with maps and trail descriptions for the Ardennes area of Belgium and also Luxembourg (in French)
Misc 3 : Chuck Anderson's homepage, trip reports and photos from Austria, Ireland and Italy
Misc 4 : a cornucopia of links to European cycling resources, destinations and ideas
Netherlands : travel info from around the world
Netherlands & Belgium : Sun's MTB Page - routes and links
Norway : Jorn's Cycling Homepage - articles, lots of tour/race descriptions
Norway : Cycling in Norway
Romania : Romanian tour report
Romania : extensive information about all aspects of the country, a diary of a 1300km cycle trip is promised
Russia : Belozona - trails, clubs, photos (in Russian)
Sardinia : trail descriptions, tours - road and off-road
Scandinavia : Norway, Sweden, detailed trip report, pictures
Scandinavia : trip through Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden (in Dutch)
Scandinavia : 1100 km tour from Bergen (Norway) to Motala (Sweden)
Scandinavia : photos, description and maps of a 1200 km trip through Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Sicily : two-week trip report and photos
Slovenia : Mountain Bike Park - organised tours
Slovenia : cycle touring in Slovenia (in Swedish)
Spain : Bicimani - commercial but links to tours, photos
Spain : some routes, photos, hoping to add more (in Spanish)
Spain : detailed account, pictures, map, five-week trip
Spain : 300 km tour report and photos, Leon to Santiago
Spain : Picos de Europa, local info, maps, routes and links to related sites (in Spanish)
Spain : MTB routes in Catalonia and tours in other places. Maps, itinerary and info. Download your route and ride (in English and Spanish)
Sweden : Cyclepro - commercial site
Sweden : Mattias Meldert's MTB Page - reviews and links
Switzerland : trip report, pictures (in Dutch)
Switzerland : Ticino canton: tourist info plus detailed bike routes
Tenerife : detailed trip account, pictures (in Dutch)
Tenerife : general information, maps pictures


Andy Icebear's Homepage : trip reports from Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Patagonia and Mongolia
Bicycle Tours : Worldwide Tour Directory - search facility
Bike Brats : detailed account of a two-year round the world cycle trip
Bike the World : Ian Burns' 13500 mile round the world trip
Bikeabout : difficult to categorise this site, but certainly worth a look; in particular the Mediterranean Journey passing through more than 20 countries
BikeReader : an eclectic mix of stories, photos, links, and more, from around the globe
Cyber Cyclery : mailing lists, forums, vast array of links and events
Cyberider Cycling : one of the most extensive links pages you'll find
Cycling Search : site offering links to routes around the world (in German)
DIS Bicycle Touring : commercial site - some useful links
Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Tours : Norman Ford's trip reports - Europe, N America and beyond...
International Bicycle Fund : non-profit organisation, lots of information from around the world
LPF Touring : touring articles on N and S China, Vietnam
Pacific Rim : a two year trip, North and South America, NE/SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand
Ride the Web : a good resource detailing trips in various parts including Vancouver Island, US to Israel by recumbent, Moab (Utah), Montana to Alaska, Provence and more...
Trackster Man : mix of routes from various parts - UK, USA, Morocco, Cambodia...
Trailmonkey : good coverage - maps and trails, various countries
GORP : Great Outdoor recreation Pages - resources around the globe
World Trip : round the world trip report
Zaskar : Zaskar's Links Page, loads of them


Argentina : Agrupacion de Ciclismo de Montaña (in Spanish)
Argentina : Cycling at the End of the World, Patagonia trip report, photos (in Spanish)
Argentina/Chile : a trip from Argentina to Chile, photos (in Portuguese)
Bolivia : account of a trip to Bolivia in 1997, photos
Bolivia/Chile : Biketreks High Andes expedition, report and photos
Brazil : Caminho de Santiago - lots of links (in Portuguese)
Brazil : Mountain Bike Online, links (in Portuguese)
Brazil : Bike Tour - Em Busca de Novas Fronteiras - tour descriptions
Brazil : two-week 950 km trip along Brazilian coast from Recife to Salvador, maps and photos (in Portuguese)
Brazil/Chile : from the Atlantic to the Pacific, description of the trip with maps and photos
Chile : MFC: Movimiento de Furiosos Ciclistas, a couple of route descriptions and local info for Santiago, some photos and links
Chile : travels in Patagonia, photos, links
Chile : Marion's Chile Tour, a six month journey, acoount and photos. Also accounts of journeys to Bolivia, Patagonia, Brazil and Venezuela
Chile : a 1500km trip in 1992 (in Spanish)
Chile : three week tour, report and pictures
Chile/Argentina : 300km through the Andes, description, maps, photos
Chile/Argentina : account and photos of a trip through Patagonia (in Swedish)
Chile/Argentina : a six month trip from Arica in the N of Chile to Tierra del Fuego in S Argentina, map, description and lots of photos
Chile/Argentina : three-month tour, report and pictures (in German)
Ecuador : tour report plus photos
Ecuador : account of a three-week trip
Ecuador : report of a two week trip
Misc 1 : Biking South America - links, travel info
Misc 2 : journey from Tierra del Fuego to Mexico, comprehensive report, pictures
Misc 3 : The Americas on a Bicycle, USA to Canada to Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, trip report, photos
Misc 4 : a journey through Venezuala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, description and photos
Misc 5 : Pan American trip, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, 28000km, account, maps, photos (in German)
Misc 6 : Ivan Viehoff's South American guide with information, photos and trip reports from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatamala and the Falklands/Malvinas
Misc 7 : Trip through Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. Maps, photos and report (in Dutch)
Peru/Bolivia : Lake Titicaca, Peru, Bolivia tour, maps, photos (in Portuguese)

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