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49. Eyemouth

start: Berwick
distance: 27 miles
OS map: 67, 74, 75

Eyemouth route mapYet another piece in the Berwickshire coastal jigsaw - this one takes in the stretch between Eyemouth and Berwick, returning inland via Ayton and Paxton. The route is described from Berwick station.

Emerging from the station car park, look for a sign that points down towards the sea and a caravan park. As you approach it, take the path that follows its R hand side. This will go round the park and you'll need to look for a path along the clifftop and then along the edge of a golf course. After that it follows the edge of a field towards Needles Eye - the cliffs here are impressive.

Soon you'll be approaching Marshall Meadows Bay and you cross a stile into a campsite. A word of caution: don't expect a warm welcome from the campsite owner who doesn't appear to like cyclists. Remember also that you've been following a footpath and, strictly speaking, you shouldn't be cycling. You do, however, have a perfect right of way through the campsite so don't be intimidated!

Although the footpath seems to continue beyond the campsite, I have to say that it doesn't look too promising. Instead, head up to the main A1 and turn R along it. This section on the main road can't really be avoided although you can take a road to Lamberton which runs parallel to the A1 for a short way. In any event, turn off when you get to Burnmouth. There's a pub here and a steep 20% hill down to the harbour...

...which, unfortunately, you have to come back up. From the pub it's an easy roll across and down into Eyemouth, a busy fishing port. At the time of writing there's a lot of work going on to extend the harbour.

Leave Eyemouth on the B6355 heading for Ayton. There's a bridge over a stream at (939 626) where a track on the R heads off up a small glen. The track doesn't appear to go anywhere in particular but it's a pleasant off-road diversion if you have the time. The road goes uphill then crosses over the A1 and the 'redbrick' Ayton Castle on your L is quite impressive. Run down into Ayton village, turn L, go over the bridge, then turn R for Chirnside.

Pass under a railway and half a mile further on take a L turn not signed for anywhere. There's a steady uphill haul then you go down to the A6105. Go straight across to pass Foulden Newton. The road drops down to cross the Whiteadder then climbs up again. Turn L at the T junction and follow round into Paxton. Turn L just past the pub then L again into a cul de sac - there is a path leading out from here, despite appearances.

The path turns R and follows the edge of a field. Go down through a gate, then steeply down to a footbridge over the Whiteadder. The river here cuts through sandstone outcrops. Cross the bridge then go steeply up the the track on the other side, past the remains of Edrington Castle over on your R, to join, eventually, a straight road heading for Berwick. The road climbs giving good views to the south and east; in particular the Royal Border Bridge which straddles the Tweed in fine style.

Go down to the A1, turn L to the top of a rise, then go R and roll down into Berwick.

jb, galashiels

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