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My thanks to Ian McGregor for this route. Ian and Jimmy Lappin have done some fine routes throughout Scotland. This is one of several that should appear here in due course. They should probably appear in print - I hope that Ian might get round to it some day...
jb, gala

The Route...

OS map 58
distance 21 miles

Clackmannan district council countryside walks Route 34
R.O.W. Society, Scottish Hill Tracks section 10 route 129


Dollar, Glen Quey, Glendevon, Borland Glen, Caol Burn, Corb Glen, Glendevon Forest, Tormaukin, Glen Quey, and back to Dollar.


The access to the start of this route is by the single track road to Castle Gloom above Dollar. There is a car park about half way up the hill and a small car park right up at the top of the road, at Brewlands.

This top car park is regularly full in summer and there is sometimes no room to turn the car, resulting in a difficult reversing manoeuvre back down the narrow road to the lower car park.

Take the track past the house heading towards the Maiden's Well. At the gate into the forest you have the alternative of crossing it and going up through the forest track or going up the outside of the forest on its left.

The forest track can often be wet and I think it is better to go up around the outside and come back down through it. Assuming you have taken the left option after a mile or so you will come to a ford, cross it and go up the steep bank on your right hand side.

Up on top of the bank you will pick up a path which runs along the outside of the forest. Do not be tempted by the path which drifts off across towards the hills on your left. This path meets up with the alternative track where it comes out of the forest, at a usually very wet area, at a gate. Follow the track past the Maiden's Well, down an interesting descent, to Glenquey Reservoir and then along the track towards the farm.

The right of way crosses the fence, via a stile and goes along the left-hand side of the fence past the farm, to meet up with a rough track which comes out of the farm. Climb up slightly, over the cattle grid, following the track until you can see the Holiday huts down in Glendevon, at this point you need to drop down to the right towards the bridge over the Devon. The route becomes more distinct as you drop down.

Cross the river by the bridge and turn left on the road, go as far as the Youth Hostel and take the track past the Hostel up to Glenfoot house. This is the Right of Way to Auchterarder, but our route turns off in the opposite direction at the Caol Burn, as will be described shortly.

The track is wet and indistinct from just past the cottage but improves as you head up past a sheep fank where the track improves significantly. Carry on up Borland Glen on a superb path, until you reach the gate on the coll, the track on the other side is a bit rougher but follow it down towards a stand of pine trees.

At the pine trees leave the path and drop down to the Caol Burn, cross and head up the steep trackless bank to pick up a landrover track which runs parallel to the burn; follow the track turning right and heading towards Corb Glen.

There is a junction on this track where you round a corner and are faced with a short sharp incline with an alternative track heading up left and down to the right - take the right hand option. Follow the track until it meets up with the B934, turn right and follow the road.

There are alternatives coming up; you can take the route summarised at the start of this section or alternatively take the easier option of following the B934 down Dunning Glen (it is a brilliant run) until it meets the A823. Turn right on the A823 to head back up Glendevon until you come to the water board road going to Glen Quey Reservoir; alternatively follow the off-road route described next.

At Little Rigg cottage turn right, off the road and take a forest track which parallels the road for some distance before breaking off right. At a major track junction go left and after a further 50 metres go right.

Follow this track even although it looks unpromising and you should eventually come out at a fence, bordering the forest, with the summit of Coulsknowe in front of you.

There is a definite potential for getting misplaced in the forest, use map and compass judiciously.

Walk up over Coulsknowe and then drop down towards Tormaukin and the A823, turn left and head down Glendevon to the reservoir road end. Follow the road up to the reservoir and a short distance beyond a cottage the track splits, the right hand option, drops down before turning up to the farm. Go through the gate and across the field to pick up the route you followed in.

This is definitely a Five Star route which can be done in a few hours.
ian mcgregor, clackmannan


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