Menteith Hills

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Another route from the pen of Ian McGregor.

The Route...

OS map 57
distance 16 miles
references: Scottish Hill Tracks, section 9, route 111


A circular route from Braeval outside Aberfoyle into the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Loch Vennacher Loch Drunkie and back.


Park at Braeval Car Park and take the forest track heading north east, after a short distance, you will come to a sign proclaiming 'No Bikes'.

The choice is yours but this track takes that route. Some of it is uncycleable anyway, but it is a good route. The track eventually meets up with a track running across your line of approach, go left probably pushing for a bit.

The track goes to a little reservoir, go to the dam head before dropping down to Loch Venacher side near East Lodge. Head out past West Dullater and on to Invertrossachs, where you will find the cycleway signposted.

Follow the cycle way along the loch and eventually meet up with the Forest Drive tracks. Climb steadily to pass Loch Drunkie and then drop back down to Dounans and back to the starting point.

A word of caution.........navigation on forest tracks is difficult, there are no visible landmarks and the tracks invariably contour around hills. On a bike where you are scooting along it is very easy to loose your sense of direction and using a map and compass is difficult.

Forest trails do not lend themselves to the "follow the burn south" style of navigation. You have been warned!
ian mcgregor, clackmannan


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