Gartmorn Dam

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Another route from the pen of Ian McGregor.

The Route...

OS map 58
distance 14 miles
References: Clackmannan District Council countryside walks Route 7-18, 35-37.


Linn Mill, Gartmorn Dam, Coalsnaughton, Tillicoultry, Dollar, Tillicoultry, Gartmorn Dam and back to Linn Mill.


The route starts on the Right of Way from Linn Mill to Gartmorn Dam, there is only limited parking at the start of the track off the B910 at (925 928).

The dam was built in 1713 by the Earl of Mar to provide a steady water supply to drive a pump which extracted the water from the coal mine. The Brothie burn which flows from the dam supplied water to drive other Wheels at the various mills that grew up along its course. The Distillery was one further extension that usage. The Dam is now a public water supply and trout fishery.

There is a well made up path all the way around the Dam with a visitor centre at the dam head. It is a popular spot for weans and dog walking so as you scoot around, take care of others.

Where the track from Linn Mill joins the track around the Dam you can go in either direction to take in the Dam.

The track to Coalsnaughton breaks off at the junction of the Dam track and a track to Gartenkeir farm. The Coalsnaughton track heads off in the direction of the Ochil Hills, turning left to follow the top edge of the field before breaking off right downhill towards Coalsnaughton.

In Coalsnaughton follow the road down to Tillicoultry; this is a steep descent with a vicious bend at the bottom, as I know to my cost, having come off with a spectacular slide. Follow the main road for a hundred metres and just past Sterling warehouse turn in to the right along the old railway line.

Take the track to Dollar and then return by the same route to your starting point.

This route can fairly obviously be joined on to the Glendevon route with the options of going round the road to Glen Devon or heading up the single track to the Castle.

Less obviously, back at the Dam, near where the Linn Mill track joins in there is a bridge over the burn running into the Dam. This is the lade from the Black Devon which is used to fill the dam.

There is a path along the lade which leads out to the A977 at Forest Mill, which can be followed back to the B910 and Linn Mill. There is a little nature reserve on the Black Devon below where the Linn Mill dam used to be.

A further variation is to follow the track out to Gartenkeir farm and on out to meet the road. Turn right and head along the road turning off to Aberdona (watch out for the concrete sheep) and down to Forest Mill and the Lade track.
ian mcgregor, clackmannan


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