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This site has been operating for the best part of 20 years now and it's time to declare it as being of a 'legacy' nature. It is unlikely to be updated but we'll keep it available as it may provide some useful infomation; at least for the time being. Thanks to those who've offered help and advice over the years...;-)
JB: July 2015


This site is intended to offer ideas for cycle trips in and around SE Scotland and NE England, although routes from further afield are also featured. The routes are not graded in any way but comments should give some idea of their nature. They are not meant to be prescriptive but are just suggestions - obviously you can adapt them to suit your own needs.

Glen Builg, Cairngorms

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Comments on the routes would be welcome but what would be even more welcome are reports from other trips. Give plenty of detail and I'll be happy to update the site and give your contribution due recognition but, sadly, no fee...;-)

If you could suggest links to other sites then that, too, would be helpful. Why not create a site for your own area, then we can all benefit?

Comments/ideas, please, to John Brewer

GPS route data:


I'd like to introduce the option to download GPS data for (some of) the routes on the site. At the moment this notion is really in its infancy and I'd appreciate comments as to its useability and - more importantly - any suggestions for improvements.

In addition to mapping software, you may also need to convert the file format for your own purposes and/or export to your GPS device. I've chosen to use the (hopefully) widely accessible .GPX file format; but, again, any comments here would be welcome. Free software which supports this format and also integrates with many GPS devices is available for download from EasyGPS

Currently, there are just a few routes available but it's hoped that more can be made available as time permits - watch this space!



While this website is non-commercial - and will remain so - you may be interested to know that a guidebook based on many of these routes has been published by Cicerone Press. The book has detailed maps, route descriptions and also colour/black and white photographs. It contains a number of routes not found on the website and describes several variations on some that are. The details are as follows:

Border Country Cycle Routes

Title:  Border Country Cycle Routes
Author:  John Brewer
ISBN:  1-85284-333-0
Price:  £9.00

The book can be ordered online from Cicerone and from Amazon or - as they say - from all good bookshops....;-)

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Much of the material on these pages is subject to copyright. This is not a commercial venture and misguided individuals who seek to exploit it should be advised accordingly.

I'll also have to add the usual disclaimer. Distances are only approximate and the maps are not drawn to any known scale. Rights of way can't be assumed, though I'm not aware of any problems re routes submitted by me. For the most part, it's enough to be considerate to other land users in order to avoid problems in the future. Take care, for example, during the lambing season. Please let me know if you find any access difficulties.

and finally...


If you've found any of the information here to be useful, and/or had a good day out as a result, then you may wish to leave a virtual drink behind the virtual bar and, if so, then I'll be more than happy to toast your health and acknowlege your generosity - cheers!


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